sábado, 22 de abril de 2017

What's eTwinning?

This is my first entry with the tag "Teacher learning portfolio", which start an space to show what I'd like to call "my improving skills as a teacher".

(Sorry to my usual readers who might find strange to read me in english. All help and suggest are wellcome)

In this first entry, as part of my work on an eTwinning MOOC (#twinmooc) I'll try to explain what I tihnk eTwinning is.

What's eTwinning?

eTwinning is a colaborative teaching network troughout Europe (the EU).

What I am expecting to find in eTwinning?

A way to develope common teaching projects with other teachers and students.

A way to find and exchage good teaching practices and ideas to apply in my classrooms.

A way to motivate my students by offering then more interesting challenges.

A way to encourage my students to engage international frienship and brotherhood in order to open their minds and make them better World citizens.

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